Crossfire Double Sim Land Phone

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Crossfire Gsm Double Sim Land Phone

  • Supports call waiting
  • The phone book can store up to 200 contacts
  • The phone can auto save the last 20 dialed/received/missed numbers
  • Standby battery backup of up to 48hrs
  • Has over 15 chords and inbuilt music ringtones
  • Color is black


Crossfire Gsm Double Sim Land Phone

The?GSM SIM FIXED WIRELESS Phone with FM Radio is a cellular device that is specially designed like a land phone, combining all the features and benefits of a mobile phone with that of a land phone to give you the best of two worlds. The dual SIM ports enable you to put alternate networks, so you do not lose touch with your loved ones or that important phone call meeting if one GSM operator is down. It comes with some cool features like the?FM Radio, Speakerphone function, SMS, CLIP/CLIR, phone lock, phone book, Clock, loud ringer, etc. It also features Audio Conferencing for multi-party conference call meetings. It is compatible with all GSM Networks. All you need to get started is to insert SIM Cards of your choice networks and you are connected to start making and receiving calls.


????????? Ideal for Home, Office, and on the go

????????? Ideal for keeping in touch with folks in the villa and home.

? User-friendly with large dial buttons and display.

????????? Comes with external antenna to boost signal where GSM coverage is weak

????????? Comes with battery backup to ensure you remain connected even when the electricity goes off.

????????? Can be used for VPN/CUG Free calls among branch office



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