Ldnio Sc4407 4Usb/4Socket Extension Short

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Ldnio 4 Power Socket 4 Usb Extension Best Buy

The outer and Inner plastic parts are made of fire retardant PC engineering materials with security risks completely eliminated.

Four (4) silicon non-slip mats were added at the bottom to make the power strip apply to all kinds of desktops, closely adhered, in case of scratching and sliding.

A-One key control master switch, just press it when not in use to shut off the power, easy and convenient.

Intelligent Allocation Plus Lightning Quick Charging with four (4) USB ports, intelligently recognizing USB peripherals, such as mobile phones, and tablets, automatically compatible and allocating current. The total output of 4 ports reaches 2.4A, supports a single device 2.4A quick charging


Rated Current:MAX 10A
Application:Residential / General-Purpose
Grounding: Standard Grounding

Universal Outlet Overload Protection (red button)
Model Number:SK3460Type: Plug with Socket
Rated Voltage:AC 100V~250V
Cable length: 2M
Number of Jack:4
Number of USB interfaces:4
Dimension:264.1 x 52.7 x 28.6 (h) mm
Rated voltage: AC 100V~250V
Rated power:MAX 2500W MAX 250V*10A


Ldnio 4 Power Socket 4 Usb Extension Best Buy

Ldnio Product with Safety Mark

Universal Outlet Overload Protection (red button)

2 Meter Cable Length

4 USB Port (3.4A/17W Output)

Independent Switch Fireproof PC Material Rated Power 2500W

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