Ldnio Ls64 Android 2Meters Fast Cable

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Ldnio Android 2Meters Fast Cable

length:2m, fast cable
Charging up to a maximum of 2.4 amperes.
86 coppers and 0.08mm for a charge,
32 coppers and 0.08mm for data


Ldnio Android 2Meters Fast Cable


1. Support high current charging and fast data transmission. It is designed with multiple security protection, non-damage fast charging, and real-time fast data synchronization.

2. Upgraded and strengthened interface can withstand repeated bending or buckling to avoid breakage.

3. Using environmentally friendly materials which are soft, elastic, anti-pulling, and anti-bending.

4. Interface is formed by seamless steel tube which has stronger compression and torsion resistance as well as faster conductivity.

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