Ldnio Scw3451-Uk Wifi Smart Power 3Usb/3Sockets

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Ldnio Scw3451-Uk Wifi Smart Power 3Usb/3Sockets

  • 3 x Universal Multi Socket Outlet
  • 1 x PD3.0 Type-C Port (30W Max)
  • 1 x QC3.0 USB Port (18W Max)
  • 2 x Auto-ID USB Port (2.4A Max)
  • Total USB Load: 30W Max


Ldnio Scw3451-Uk Wifi Smart Power 3Usb/3Sockets

*30W high power. Charge fast for tablets and phones which support PD3.0 and QC3.0 fast charging protocol.
*Intelligent linkage makes ordinary appliances intelligent.
*Use the App to monitor the household appliances connected to a smart plug.  So convenient for daily life while avoiding the hidden danger of electricity consumption.
*Timing switch function let electrical appliance start or end working according to instructions.
*On-time smart reminders help to avoid the long–term operation of the electrical appliance due to negligence and reduce the waste of resources.

3 Sockets with USB ports
2 AUTO-ID 1 PD 1QC3.0 ports, 30W fast charging directly, no need to buy a charger.

Wi-Fi smart
Intelligent linkage makes normal electrical devices intelligent, such as smart door-lock, temperature and humidity sensors, and so on.

Widely applicable
USB ports support most kinds of phones.(with PD/QC3.0/AUTO-ID output ).

High-grade fire-proof PC material, child safety door, 10 multi-protection, safe to use.

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