Logitech Mk850 Wireless Keyboard With Mouse

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Logitech Mk850 Wireless Keyboard/Mouse

Experience next-level comfort and productivity with the powerful MK850 Performance. Fly through documents and web pages with hyper-fast scrolling ? and type quietly and efficiently on a full-size keyboard with carefully-crafted keys. The cushioned palm rest and curved keyframe gives you the support you need, adjustable tilt legs offer the perfect typing angle, and the contoured design of the mouse fits comfortably in your palm. Type and switch seamlessly between your computer, tablet, and phone?. Pair your mouse with up to 3 devices.
?Any USB-equipped or Bluetooth? Smart ready device that supports an external keyboard (HID profile).


Logitech Mk850 Wireless Keyboard/Mouse

  • Logitech Mk850 performance wireless keyboard and mouse combo
  • A contoured right-handed mouse with a hyper-fast scroll wheel enables you to fly through documents and web pages
  • Type quietly and comfortably for hours at your desk on a full-size keyboard with cushioned palm rest And carefully-crafted keys
  • Both keyboard and Mouse are fully multi-device and multi-os friendly for powering through projects
  • Start typing on your computer, then switch and Type on your tablet, phone or on a second computer
  • Features optical 1000 DPI resolution for silky prominent movement
  • Built-in 8-Buttons and scrolling wheel for fast page navigation and handy control over browsers’ Tabs
  • Offers plug and play interface Chrome OS
  • Usb wireless Bluetooth/RF USB wireless Bluetooth/RF Optical – 1000 dpi – 8 button – scroll wheel – AAA, AA – Compatible with desktop computer, smartphone, notebook, tablet (Chrome OS, Windows, Android, Mac, iOS)


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