Silicon Wristband Flash 32Gb Black

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Silicon Wristband Flash 32Gb Black

The Wristband USB Flash Drive is our most popular wearable USB design. The silicon rubber material makes for a lightweight wristband making it easy to wear.  It can conveniently carry your data with you whenever and wherever you may need it.  The USB bracelet is particularly popular amongst music bands, corporate organizations, and schools. Printing the wristband with your logo ensures the recipient is constantly reminded of your brand each and every time they use or wear it, giving maximum exposure to your brand.


Silicon Wristband Flash 32Gb Black

  • Specifications: Including black 3.0 32GB USB flash drive bracelet 1 pack in silicon wristband material. Also have colors of white, blue, red, yellow and so on for you to choose from. one color for one person. Easy to identify.
  • Valid Usage: Pen drive is suitable for digital data storage, transferring, and sharing. Plug into the USB connector, then use. Keep your files safe, and record memories of your time.
  • Universal Drives: USB sticks can be used in computers, TV, speaker, computer, notebook, car audio, and other USB devices. Support PC Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. Save data of MP3, MP4, RMVB, EXCEL, WORD, PDF, and other files.
  • Wristband Design: Zip drives 32 GB with silicone circle wristband design. Connect two heads, then a USB bracelet is made. Soft touch feeling. Hide and protect the USB connector well. Portable and lightweight. Easy to use and carry. Good storage gift


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