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T&G 604 LED Flashlight Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • Power-saving mode: screen will auto off when there is no any operation after 5 seconds
  • The silicone strap is durable for long-term use and adjustable to fit your wrist comfortably
  • Not only can it display the time in real-time, but also show the calendar
  • The electronic movement ensures accurate and precise timekeeping
  • Convenient for you to recognize time by digital display


T&G 604 LED Flashlight Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Torchlight Bluetooth Wireless Portable Stereo Speaker with Hi-Fi output can be used indoors and outdoors. This speaker features loud volume & good bass sound quality; room-filling sound. It is perfect for a home, dorm room, kitchen, and bathroom.

Connect your iPhone, Samsung, Android, or Bluetooth device to experience good-quality stereo sound. Enjoy the conference calling system feature in the office or with a group of friends. Enjoy FM radio functions while in and out of the house.

Bluetooth Speaker, you will thoroughly get rid of the littery cable of headsets or other music players when listening to music from your portable devices at home or outdoors. And, you just need to pair your phone or other music players which support Bluetooth with the Speaker. After being paired, you can immediately enjoy the music with the speaker that offers you great sound quality.

Moreover, if your device does not have Bluetooth function, you have no need to worry about it. The Speaker’s “Bluetooth” mode allows us to connect with any audio device, after connected, the Speaker plays the music of the connected audio device. Even more, the speaker can play music of the TF card. It is perfectly suitable for home use, office use, picnic, etc

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